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The most important thing about our community is spreading the stoke.

ALL MEMBERS: Please Read These Guidelines! - This link will open doors for ever the most advanced skaters in the community.

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Terminology - A list of skater jargon.

Bearings - Everything about bearings. Be sure to check out the ABEC Rating myth.

Boards - Information about boards.

Bushings - Bushings, the soul of a skateboard.

Trucks - All about what holds your wheels to your board.

Safety Gear - Important information that could save your life one day.

Wheels - The science of skateboard wheels.

Disciplines - A summary of each discipline.

Tricks - Links to places to find available tricks.

Downhill - Everything related to downhill.

Tips - Various tips from various people. All good advice.

General FAQs - This should be the first stop.


News - All the latest buzz straight from the Front Page.

The Fish - Our rad community. Love it, respect it, spread the stoke.

The Staff - The staff of Silverfish.

Rules - Forum rules and Terms of Service.

Commonly Used Abbreviations - A list of things you might question in the future

Organizations - A list of groups related to skateboarding.

History - The history of skateboarding.

Art - Longboarding Art, anything and everything


DIY and HowTo - Do It Yourself articles and HowTo bits.

The Essential Links - A list of links to threads found most suitable for DIY and howto articles.

Silverfish's Tech & Howto

Longboarding 101

Board Maintenance Resource

Contribute & Contact

Contribute & Contact - Speaks for itself.